For starters, if you are not ordering a 360 tour with each listing, you’re missing out on selling opportunities. 360 tours provide a modern immersive experience that can be viewed by everyone. The experience works on smartphones, tablets and computers. Sadly, you can not view the tour on a flip-phone.

I use the latest 3d camera from Ricoh that is designed for 3d photography. It’s compatible with Zillow 360, Matterport and premium tour providers.

Zillow360 is the simplest 3d tour and has some distinct advantages. For starters, Zillow is the 600 pound gorilla in the real estate market and is commonly used by new home buyers to shop for a new home. While the experience is not as immersive as other tour providers, it does something no one else provides, a 360 tag on Zillow and Trulia that makes your property stand out from the rest.

Matterport has been around for years and is what you may think of because of their signature dollhouse look. Most commonly, photographers use the Matterport Camera which is really cool with its rotating head and built-in radar, but it is slow. Matterport now supports the Theta Z1 camera which is a true 360 camera and can take the same photo in a fraction of the time.

The newest system is from hosting provider CloudPano. This system allows me to photograph a RAW camera image just like I do with my regular camera and can be professionally edited. The tour is agent-branded and is easy to view, with the potential buyer just moving from hotspot to hotspot. It also can include a live tour feature where you can share a link with a buyer and view the tour together from different locations.

Whichever system you choose, your listing will got more views if you have a 360 tour.

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